Facebook is the number one social network in the world and according to Google Trends, is the most searched word on the internet. It would be the 3rd largest country in the world if it were an actual country and has become one of the most highly desirable sites to advertise on in the world. Facebook, as usual, is making changes and this time it’s in its advertising sector. Gone are the days of subtle adverts, Facebook is breaking new ground and by the end of 2013 Facebook advertising will be bigger, bolder, more interactive and more intrusive than ever.

Facebook has been described as  a social ecosystem with members constantly interacting and using Facebook as a social trend finding device and marketers are making the most of this highly valuable site. Facebookers will see brands openly advertising on Newsfeeds, with sponsored stories and highlighted videos.  Landing pages will be embedded expandable richer formats, allowing advertisers to push content harder than ever.

As much as this is fantastic news for advertisers, there is an issue that brand owners will have to make a note of. Facebookers are one of the most sensitive audiences on the internet. We know that there is nothing more annoying than obvious advertising that is irrelevant and uninteresting. As Facebook is still seen as a personal platform to interact with friends, when users are presented with Facebook advertising, it has to be meaningful and enhance the users experience rather than invade it. The content has to be interesting to the user and marketing must be of a high quality, interactive, enjoyable and appropriate else the social networkers will leave.

Researchers are currently studying user behaviour and reactions to a variety of Facebook advertising schemes and soon non-alienating content that delivers an effective interactive brand impact will be achievable.