Getting Started Guide

This is a detailed list of what I need before we begin and how to provide these to me to make the development process swift and effortless:


Your Logo

Please send me your logo, it is generally best to send me a logo that has an invisible background and in the highest possible quality and largest size you have. Your logo should be provided in one or more of the following formats: PDF, EPS or high res JPEG or PNG.

Your logo can be emailed to me on its own or it can be added to a folder in Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive with the rest of your website images.

Hosting Details

Every website needs a domain name which is renewed and paid for yearly and a hosting plan which can be paid for yearly or monthly. If you do not have a domain or hosting plan I highly recommend DotCube.

Once you have registered your domain I will need your hosting account login and/or Cpanel / Konsoleh username and password. These can be requested from your hosting company if you do not receive an automated email with these details.

Wordpress logins

If you already have a WordPress site set up please send me your login details or add me as an administrator. If you are not sure how to do this click here for a short video on how to add a user to your Wordpress website to help you out.

Some hosting companies set up WordPress on your new domain and some do not. If your hosting company does not provide that as a service I will gladly handle this process for you.

Images / Videos

Please send me any current and/or new images and pictures you would like to use on the new site. If your website has less than 10 images feel free to email them to me, however, if there are more than 10 please add all your images to a folder in Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive with the rest of your website images.

If this is not something you are not familiar with I will guide you through it over a skype or whats app call.

All the images/videos used on your site must be owned by you. You may use images/videos from stock libraries that have been purchased or you can source images on free stock libraries

Please be aware: downloading images from Google that you do not own or have the rights to use is illegal and can have your site blocked on Googe and other search engines.



The content for each of your website pages can be provided in a live Google Drive Document or on a Microsoft word document.

I have created a Google Drive Doc for you to view that vies you a clear example of how your page content and any updated instructions/information for the site should be provided.

View content template

Brand / Style Guide

If you have a brand style guide please email it to me along with the color codes, font styles and sizes, and the font files.

If you do not have a brand style guide please send me any of your specific design requirements. I would like to know your preferred colors and tones; if you can find a sample on Google or Pinterest send it to me, if not let me send you a few color pallets to look at within the colors you have specified.