Did you know Google has changed the way it finds your website?

With the advent of Google’s new Hummingbird patch, a new web searching algorithm that has changed the way that Google looks for relevant content on the web, traditional key word searches are no longer as effective as they once were.

The new Hummingbird algorithm uses conversational searches to find what it believes that searchers really want. It goes beyond mere keyword searches, taking into account your physical location and focusing on the meaning behind the words in the search. This means that relevant, location specific content on your website is essential to good search engine optimisation.

If you haven’t optimised your website for search engines to find you, how will your potential clients find you?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a vital aspect of marketing yourself online. If you want your product or service to be found online you have to help Google by making sure that your content is relevant, up to date and contains the keywords that people would type into search engine when looking for a product or service like yours.


“SEO is vital for a website that wants to be found on the Internet.”


Here are the steps that I would recommend to ensure that your site is optimised for search engines:

The first thing you would need to do is make sure that your website is in a format that has the ability to SEO your content with ease. I highly recommend WordPress as a website platform, not only because it is the platform I work with but because WordPress has proven time and time again to give almost immediate results. Have a look at my article on “Why we love WordPress” for more information.

The next vital step is content. Your websites content has to be informative, interesting, and relevant to your product or service. Once you have achieved this you will need to ensure that your content is optimised for search engines to be able to find your content. Using well-researched keywords and key-phrases within your content will assist Google and other search engines in locating your content online when a reader does a search using the keywords you have selected for your website. Adding Search Engine Optimized content adds the most value to your site.

Fresh Content is the best way to enhance SEO. It is important to keep your own blog up to date. Blogging is the best tool for adding new and relevant content to your website.

NOTE: If you use WordPress for blogging your site is trawled by Google more often.