After explaining to a client today the reasons we use WordPress, I thought I should share this with you too. WordPress was initially created for bloggers. Blogs, unlike websites, are not static sites that are simply used as a showcase of what you do or what you sell. Blogs are alive with new and relevant content that urge readers to come back and gain more insight or knowledge about your products, services and specific topics. To make this work well for bloggers WordPress had to find ways to code their system in a way that would enable search engines to easily find specific content that readers search for with the use of search engines. This provided easy access to constantly updated information portholes.

Then it became a trend. People started using WordPress as a means of sharing knowledge and information with the public and the public loved finding all this awesome interesting stuff out there, online, that they had never before had the ability to find or access. With so many users turning toward blogs for information, it became clear that this was a great marketing tool for businesses. So as the masses started enjoying the wealth of knowledge and information at their fingertips, WordPress caught onto this trend and evolved their platform to the tremendous, ever evolving, platform it is today.

WordPress has proven time and time again to give almost immediate results, here are some WordPress facts:

  • 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO are automatically taken care of within the structure of WordPress
  • WordPress is easy to use, you can manage your own website and SEO and add frequent and relevant content which in turn assists you in your search engine rankings.
  • WordPress templates are creative with a range of colours and layouts, easy navigation and they look great.
  • WordPress has a huge amount of plugins available to make your site do almost anything you want it to do.
  • 25% of all sites on the internet are now WordPress websites and blogs
  • With the use of templates and plug-ins, development cycles are shorter and save you money
  • WordPress sites allow for frequent updating of content, which in turn assists you in your search engine rankings.
  • WordPress is constantly updating, which means your site will never grow old, your site simply evolves as it needs to, staying in line with online Trends
  • With thousands of developers continually creating themes and plugins to enhance usability and visual aesthetics there is always support available

WordPress is everywhere, it is used by corporate giants, media industry greats and part-time bloggers alike. We love WordPress, because it is perfect in it’s simplicity and fantastically functional and as far as we’re concerned it is the website development tool for 2013.